lentil salad

{ about this recipe }

Lentils are a major source of protein and iron for vegans. Lentils are super easy to prepare, including a fast cook time, which means this recipe is easy and fast – not to mention munchy and delicious!

For my vinaigrette I use Udo’s Oil because it is high in Omega Fatty Acids, along with Seasoned Brown Rice Vinegar for a light and slightly sweet taste, and a bit of agave to balance. If I am out of the Udo’s Oil I use a good olive oil.

And feel free to change up the veggie or fruit ingredients to your liking. This salad is really all about adding what you like to the basic lentil and orzo pasta mixture. For instance, I used strawberries because they were in season (not to mention I love fresh, in season, strawberries and use them whenever possible).  If I had no strawberries and had happened to have a mango on hand the day I made this salad I would have chopped that right in – the soft, smooth meat and sweet, slightly tangy flavor of a ripe mango would have added another interesting layer of texture and taste.

{ stuff you’ll need }

I’ll leave the ingredient quantities up to you but if you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to reply.

. cooked green lentils, rinsed and cooled
. cooked Orzo style pasta, rinsed and cooled
. yellow pepper, minced
. radish, julienned
. carrots, minced or julienned
. red onion, minced
. your favorite vinaigrette
. diced fresh strawberries

{ how to make it }

assemble and mix all the ingredients in a large glass or stainless steel bowl … add the vinaigrette and stir to thoroughly to coat all the ingredients … serve and/or refrigerate … after about 24 hours the salad may appear drier … that’s a good thing – it means the lentils and orzo slurped up the dressing which makes them more flavorful … however, feel free to splash on a bit more dressing to wet the salad