Sugar? Agave? Stevia? Maple Syrup?

At least I’ve gotten it down to this list because, God know, there are a lot of sweeteners out there.

But which one do I use? I thought I knew. I’ve been using USDA Certified Organic Raw Agave Syrup, but recently I stumbled upon web articles stating that even agave syrup has high fructose levels – and most of us know by now how the addicting qualities of high fructose can lead to obesity and diabetes. Not to mention that the articles also state that most agave is manufactured in Mexico where lax standards have led to accusations of corn syrup additives.  In addition, it is written that agave syrup possess other chemical properties that pose varying health risks.

And so, until agave syrup is vetted to my satisfaction I am switching to good ‘ol American (or Canadian if the price is right) organic pure Maple Syrup. I already added it to my morning cup of coffee and it was wonderful. I am also going to try using powdered organic whole leaf powder Stevia.