vegan tuna salad ingredients
vegan tuna fish sandwich

{ about this recipe }

It’s been a long time in coming but after a lot of online research and working on various recipes I’ve finally come up with a vegan tuna salad that I can be happy to share with you.

Besides really tasting like tuna salad this vegan tuna salad is even healthier.  It is super rich in protein (10g!), Iron, Potassium, Iodine, Vitamin A,  fiber – and more!

The raw veggie ingredients are optional. All the ingredient amounts are approximate and can be adjusted according to your personal taste and textural preference. I happen to like my tuna on the crunchy side so I heavy-up on the celery and carrot. I also like the play of salt v. sweet by using onion and garlic with sweet pickles.

There are three elements that make this recipe really taste like traditional tuna fish salad:  the sea vegetable flakes which give it that authentic tuna fish salad taste without tasting ‘fishy’ ( sea veggie flakes are an awesome dietary source for iodine as well as providing the essential ingredient responsible for the production of thyroid hormone and all other hormones of the body); the Aioli dressing which is just so much better tasting than any other ‘mayo’;  and the use of the press to release the maximum amount of moisture from the ‘tuna’ before processing into flakes.

Ingredient Options: roasted slivered almonds and grapes instead of celery/carrot/pickle/garlic/onion

Makes about 2½ cups of vegan tuna salad.

{ stuff you’ll need }

Tofu XPress

Half a pkg. of Dixie Carb Counters Tuna (Not) Salad Mix (made with Certified NGMO Soy Beans)

1/3  cup minced celery

1/3  cup minced carrots

1 tbsp minced red onion

1 tsp Maine Coast Sea Vegetable Cert. Org. Triple Blend Flakes (Dulce-Laver-Sea Lettuce)

½ cup minced Bread and Butter pickle slices

a couple of pinches (or shakes) of garlic powder

s + p to taste

Wildwood Aioli

{ how to make it }

Prepare the tuna according to the directions on the package by simmering it for about 8 minutes or until the tuna is softened to tuna ‘texture’ by testing with a fork … pour into a colander to drain/cool to room temperature

Place the tuna into the tofu press (for at least an hour) until as much moisture as possible is pressed out

Place half the amount of the pressed tuna chunks into in a small food processor and pulse blend until the tuna presents the consistency of tiny, uniform flakes; remove to  a medium size mixing bowl and pulse blend the other half and add to the bowl

Mix the rest of the ingredients into the tuna until evenly blended

Blend in Aioli dressing to desired consistency

Chill and enjoy