This is one of those really great tasting staple vegan recipes that for some might seem a bit time-consuming and not-so-easy the first time you make it.  Well, hang in there, because as any seasoned ‘tofu-scrambler’ will tell you, once you start making this dish you cannot stop. It is so munchy-delicious and, yes, super-fast and easy to prepare. Except for the tofu all the ingredients are larder items, including the Garlic Gold Nuggets which I keep on hand all the time (in the refrigerator to extend their freshness), especially since I use them for other dishes. I make scrambles a couple of times a week, never have to refer to a recipe card anymore, and I change up the basic recipe with seasonings / ingredients as I feel like it … and not to mention this dish is a very good source for protein, calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, and is very high in the complex B vitamins.

This is a versatile dish that can be enjoyed simply by glopping some ketchup (or your favorite condiment, sauce, chutney or salsa) onto the basic scramble for a quick snack in front of the TV or PC – or proudly serving a deliciously savory and eye-pleasing breakfast or brunch to guests by alternating layers of tofu scramble, veggies and sausage in a company-worthy casserole dish, and topping it with Herbs-de-Provence seasoned toasted bread crumbs.

4 servings (or 2 Hungry Man servings)

Prep to Table Time: 10 minutes (not including time to press tofu)


1 block of certified organic Wildwood brand SprouTofu firm style non-GMO tofu, water pressed out super-fast with TofuXpress, or your preferred method
1 tsp powdered smoked Spanish paprika
1 tsp organic curry powder
1 tsp powdered garlic
1 tsp fresh dried organic thyme, crumbled finely with your fingers (optional)
3 tbsp filtered water in a small ceramic, glass or stainless steel bowl
1 tbsp Garlic Gold Nuggets (or 5-6 minced fresh garlic cloves)
2 tbsp cup nutritional yeast (‘nooch’)
2 tbsp organic olive oil
Celtic salt to taste, small size crystals

1. With a fork or small whisk, mix together the spice blend (optional thyme, curry, paprika, powdered garlic) into the water, then set aside.

2. Heat the olive oil to medium heat in a large size stainless steel heavy bottom skillet, or cast iron skillet. A well seasoned cast iron skillet will give you the fastest-cooking, non-sticking, even-browning results for tofu. I find the cast iron skillet to be an indispensable, must-have item for the vegan cook.

3. With your fingers, crumble the tofu into smallish random size pieces into the skillet, evenly covering the bottom. If using fresh garlic instead of the Garlic Gold Nuggets add  them to the pan, evenly sprinkling the garlic over the top of the tofu. When it appears that the tofu is light golden brown when you lift and peek at the underside of one of the pieces, using your steel spatula (or hard plastic spatula for your cast iron skillet so as not to scratch all the hard work you’ve done seasoning your pan), begin to continuously turn the tofu mixture by pushing and scraping against the bottom of the pan, keeping the mixture evenly spread out, and making sure to scrape every bit of cooked tofu/garlic bits off the bottom of the pan as it continues to gently brown.

4. Continue to cook on medium heat, scraping the bottom to get all the bits, and turning the mixture every 30 seconds or so for about 5 minutes.

5. After most of the areas of the pieces are light golden brown (not every bit of each piece needs to be browned), mix in the Garlic Gold Nuggets and then turn the heat off and keep the pan on the burner.

6. Distribute the tofu evenly across the bottom of the skillet. Using a small spoon, stir the spice blend with a small spoon, and without getting too anal about it, proceed to drizzle it over as many of the tofu pieces as possible so that it soaks into the top layer (so that if you cut into a piece of tofu you would see a white interior surrounded by a seasoned top layer). You don’t have to use all of the seasoning or evenly cover each piece.  Once most of the pieces have been dribbled on a bit, stirring the mixture gently will incorporate it more evenly throughout the tofu pieces. Go ahead and  dribble a bit of seasoning on any obviously missed pieces. Remember, you don’t have to heavily soak them, just the dribbling on some of the outside of the pieces will suffice for flavor.

7. Sprinkle the scramble with salt and ‘nooch’ and mix gently.

8. Adjust salt to taste and add a grind or two of your fresh pepper blend

Optional » Gently fold in pre-prepared and cooked veggie and/or sausage.


My favorite Tofu Scramble, with Portobello mushrooms and spring onions sauteed in garlic and olive oil, and sliced Mediterranean green and Kalamata pitted olives

About adding optional veggies and/or sausage to your tofu scramble ...

If you would like to add veggies to your scramble, do this by preparing and sauteing your optional additions ahead of time in a separate pan. Some great chopped/minced and sauteed veggie additions that are great with scrambles, alone or in combination, are Vidalia onions, sweet peppers, and light heat peppers like jalapenos (saute any of these options until they are caramelized); spring onions, mushrooms, squash, tomatoes and broccoli. Capers or sliced olives.

If you want a scramble that has chunks and bits of savory sausage it
in, crumble a couple of links of Field Roast’s Smoked Apple Sage sausage or Twin Oaks Community Foods Breakfast Sausage into a cast iron skillet (or fry pan) and fry them up until browned with lots of crunchy bits.


12/6/09 All the way home from church this morning I was thinking about the leftover scramble waiting for me in the fridge that I had made yesterday morning with bits of breakfast sausage. As I removed it from the fridge shelf I spied the box of Daiya cheddar style cheese that happened to be sitting next to it. I sprinkled some of that amazing cheese over the top of the scramble, popped it in the microwave for a minute on three quarter power and …. oh, my, was that ever the yummiest breakfast eh-ver!