Although I was not able to view the live broadcast of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before the United Nations, just reading the full transcript brought tears to my eyes and saddened my American heart.


What a great man. What a great speech he gave. What courage he displayed as he spoke the truth unapologetically in front of that assembly of crooks, thieves and thugs. He spoke of the shameful silence displayed by most of the attending delegations when Irans’ Ahmadinejad denied the Holocaust. He spoke of the legitimacy of Israel’s 3500 year old claim to their ancestral homeland. He spoke of Israel’s blood-stained concessions to their neighboring nations ever since the very body he was speaking before voted Israel a sovereign nation over sixty years ago. He spoke of how Israel endures ever increasing onslaughts of military attacks and anti-Semitic rhetoric. Yet, he stated, when Israel is ultimately forced to retaliate, which it painstakingly executes on humanitarian levels, Israel is condemned by most of the world.

The passion and uncompromising urgency of this great man’s words transcended the text as I read on:

Ladies and Gentlemen, All of Israel wants peace. Any time an Arab leader genuinely wanted peace with us, we made peace. We made peace with Egypt led by Anwar Sadat. We made peace with Jordan led by King Hussein. And if the Palestinians truly want peace, I and my government, and the people ofIsrael, will make peace.

But we want a genuine peace, a defensible peace, a permanent peace. In 1947, this body voted to establish two states for two peoples – a Jewish state and an Arab state. The Jews accepted that resolution. The Arabs rejected it.We ask the Palestinians to finally do what they have refused to do for 62 years: Say yes to a Jewish state.

And finally, in closing, Prime Minister Netanyahu said:

I speak here today in the hope that Churchill’s assessment of the “unteachibility of mankind” is for once proven wrong. I speak here today in the hope that we can learn from history — that we can prevent danger in time. In the spirit of the timeless words spoken to Joshua over 3,000 years ago, let us be strong and of good courage. Let us confront this peril, secure our future and, God willing, forge an enduring peace for generations to come.

In this era of creeping evil, of fragile peace and imperiled liberty, Benjamin Netanyahu stands as a towering world figure of humanitarian vision and principled leadership, a man who is not only the proper leader for Israel but who should be unequivocally recognized as the leader of the free world, unlike our travesty of a president who has brought nothing but shame upon himself by denigrating and demeaning the United States of America.

May God bless and keep this righteous man, this Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel is so deeply blessed to have him as their leader.

6/18/10 UPDATE

Congressman Mike Pence, a true conservative, American patriot and friend of Israel,  asks President Obama whose side he is on?