DAIYA Cheddar Cheese grilled between split Wholly Wholesome Mini (or regular size if you prefer) Pocket Bread makes a very satisfyingly tasty cheddary, melty, creamy smooth grilled cheese sandwich.


And if you think the above vegan classic grilled cheese looks scrumptious (check out the melted cheese factor, a 10 on a 1-10 scale – and the flavor is classic intense cheddar!), here’s another delicious version of the grilled cheese sandwich using DAIYA’s Italian cheese blend!

  • Split two (yes, you’re going to want the other one once you inhale the first one) Wholly Wholesome Mini Pocket Breads (your taste choice, classic white or whole wheat) and place a slice of heirloom tomato (ideally heirloom tomato, because with heirloom tomatoes we are talking perfect texture and tomato flavor, tomato flavor that once you taste them immediately justifies the outrageous price you paid for them), preferably the same diameter as the pocket bread, on the open face of each sandwich.
  • Make a generous pile of DAIYA Shredded Italian Style Vegan Cheese on top of each tomato slice. With your fingertips spread the cheese evenly to the sandwich edges. Top with optional fresh oraganic Basil leaves.
  • Put the sandwich tops on and place next to each other without touching in a hot preheated large fry pan sprayed with coconut oil or other high heat oil with the flame reduced to medium heat
  • Place a grill press on top of the sandwiches. The press nicely covers both sandwiches evenly.  Depending on your pan and heat level the side being grilled will develop a golden crunchy texture in a few minutes. Remove the grill press, turn the sandwiches over, replace the grill press and repeat the grilling process for the other side. By now the cheese will have melted and you can serve and enjoy. As usual I like to eat it with one of my favorite condiments, cold and crunchy bread and butter pickles.

Oops, I ate it before I realized that I should have taken a picture of it to post. Next time. It does make a nice presentation and would be a nice luncheon item to serve guests.