I always thought I had a pretty educated palette.  I love to cook and would be hard pressed to come up with anything except perhaps okra that I don’t care to eat. And since choosing to become vegan, my appreciation for the finest in food products and menu offerings has grown exponentially. My ‘adjustment’  to veganism has opened many doors to new food options when the meat and dairy doors closed.  Now, it’s more fun than ever to eat, to discover new tastes, to experiment with new ingredients and recipies.

DD and I go for a powerwalk 2-3 times a week at a local park. To get there we must drive. Inevitably, at the end of our walk, as we start up the car with every previous intention of returning home, one of us will pipe up and says “Let’s go to Roots Market, we need to get (insert name of staple item here), to which the other without fail immediately replies , “OK!”  Of course we both know full well this is code for “Because we starving from our power walk and I have not eaten in ages, let’s go to Roots and pick up some yummy pre-prepared vegan snacks/meals!”

At Roots we pour over the scrumptious home-made vegan offerings, including soups, salads, sandwiches, dinners and bakery items, quickly coming to a decision of what looks so good we cannot resist. This of course is usually accompanied by an “Oh, and I’ll get this,too, for lunch at work tomorrow.” We check out and  toss the complimentary napkins and plastic flatware into our bags. In the car, the food is already out and being ‘served’ before we exit the lot. As we cruise down the road toward home, mouths bulging with our tasty treats, we look at each other and giggle, exclaiming what has now become our mantra, “Vegans-eating-in-a-car!”